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Terms and Conditions for Bestatfare.com

Bestatfare.com welcomes you to its website – Any feature available on bestatfare.com, or all the features are known as the ‘Website.’
All the bookings and browsing done on the website of bestatfare.com are subjected to below mentioned terms and conditions. The statements provided below are accepted by you automatically as you start using the website. Our website provides you with all the travel-related information you need to deliver the travel services, including transactions for booking flights, hotels, or vacations with the travel vendors we have available. Terms like we, us, our, or “bestatfare.com” relate to our company. bestatfare.com is intended for non-commercial usage. The users of bestatfare.com are referred to by phrases like “you” or “your.”
The Website is made available to you on the condition that you agree to all of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein without alteration. The term “Terms” refers to all of them collectively. The Terms outline the booking terms and conditions that apply to the services you use on our website. Additionally, it provides information about your obligations as a user. The agreements place restrictions on the liability of bestatfare.com and the other vendors we list on our website. The services provided by bestatfare.com are among the suppliers. We refer to our third-party vendors as “Travel Service Providers,” and we advise you to read through and comprehend the booking terms listed below before using bestatfare.com services to make hotel or flight reservations. We advise you to double-check the specifics of your schedule and make sure you understood the details listed in your confirmation email. You must review our privacy statement, understand how to use our website, and how it is covered by the Agreement before using it.
You accept the terms of the Agreement when you use our website to book travel or contact one of our call Centre representatives.
You are subject to all the terms and conditions listed above. You are asked to discontinue using our website if you disagree with the Terms. Bestatfare.com reserves the right to change and amend the Terms at any time and without prior notice by posting the updated terms. Every time you visit the website, we suggest that you keep an eye on this page. The updated Terms are effective as of the posting date. The provisions of this Agreement apply to people of Canada and the United States who access our website. In accordance with this Agreement, we determine your IP address to ascertain where in this region you are. UPON YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS, YOU AGREE TO MANDATORY CLASS ACTION AND WAIVER A CLASS ACTION. The mentioned booking terms are mandatory for all the users, visitors, and customers of bestatfare.com. Bestatfare.com is an independent travel website. Its parent organization is Best at Fares Inc. its registered office is located at 1300 Cornwall Road Suite 201- 204, Oakville ,L6J 7W5 Ontario, Canada.


Basic condition to start using our website are:

Your age should be 18+ for start using the services of our website i.e. you are legally authorised to enter into the agreement of our policies and terms.
The information provided by you if accurate and up to date.
If you a registered member with us, then you take the full responsibility of your account to be safeguarded and supervised by you if it’s accessed by anyone else other than you. Hence you are completely responsible for all the activities happening in your account.
If you are making the booking for someone else, then the same terms and conditions applies to them. It’s your responsibility to make them aware of the policies and conditions mentioned on our website.
If under any circumstances, we found out that the data provided by you is not correct or any action of yours violates our terms then we hold the power of suspending or terminating your account/services on our website.


Sometimes you may come across some advertisement links to websites/pages etc. These content/links are just for commercial purposes, and we do not take any responsibility of your interactions with them. If you use any services via the advertisements available on our page which are not our affiliates, you are solely on your own.


International Flights

The Montreal Convention’s requirements apply to both the nations of departure and destination when you travel internationally. The Convention restricts the airline supplier’s liability for any fatalities or other personal injuries to passengers. As a passenger, you must make sure you have all the necessary paperwork, such as a passport and visa, to enter a foreign country (business, tourist, or transit). These documents may be requested at any time. We are not liable if you don’t fulfil your obligations in order to go to a foreign country. Before travelling to the destination country, you must review all restrictions, alerts, and announcements made by the authorities.

Visa and Passport:

Before travelling, make sure to check the specifics of your visa and passport information with the designated Embassy. Please stay current with the information from the Embassy before confirming your reservations with us. since our agents have the authority to recommend requirements that may change at any time. Bestatfare.com is not liable if the authorities refuse to let you board the flight because they were unable to produce the necessary travel documents. You must provide the documentation upon request from the airport administration, the airline, or the administration of the transit airport. Even if you haven’t left the airport grounds, it includes any stops the plane makes.


Take the immunizations required for the destination country. Keep an eye out for any updates to the list of recommended or mandatory vaccinations. Please see a doctor before you travel to ensure that you follow all health regulations, receive the proper vaccinations, medications, and medical procedures to ensure a safe journey.

Airline Baggage Policies

The baggage allowance, prices, and restrictions vary between carriers. While we make every effort to show the most up-to-date luggage allowance regulations and use the airline’s website to get baggage information, we cannot guarantee that the data is accurate. We advise you to phone the airline or directly check these particulars on their website before your scheduled departure. Additionally, unless otherwise specified, the luggage fee is not included in the cost of the trip.


The check-in procedures differ between airlines. Before confirming the booking, you should be aware of the most recent information on the matter and check the prerequisites for the check-in procedure. Bestatfare.com advises adhering to the following schedule:

Take at least 90 minutes of extra time before the scheduled departure for domestic flights. A minimum of three hours before the scheduled departure for foreign flights.

Airline Schedule Change

The flight schedule frequently changes for a variety of reasons, including technical or crew problems, unfavourable weather, or civil instability. It covers modifications to the initial flight, whether a direct flight becomes a one-stop journey or a connecting flight. The airline makes the alterations in these situations. The same is not the responsibility of bestatfare.com. We call and email our customers to let them know if the schedule change results in a cancellation. This email contains all the information on the possibilities that are available based on the rules of the airlines. The airline occasionally fails to notify us of the changes in advance. You must thus immediately contact their customer care to confirm your travel schedule. To avoid missing your flight, it is essential that you make this call at least 72 hours prior to departure. The airline provides you with the appropriate recourse if the timetable is altered. They have the last say in this matter regarding whether to offer a different flight option. Your bookings are taken care of by the airline once you check in for the flight. Therefore, the airline is responsible for any changes to the schedule, cancellations, delays, or rebooking’s. You will only receive procedural information from Bestatfare.com; the airline will make the final decision. If you have already arrived at the airport or are unaware of the new schedule modification or cancellation 24 hours before to the departure time, we recommend coordinating with the airline staff and know your available options. In such a time, the airline is your best information source and will give you the best advice. In severe weather, you have very limited options as a recourse.

Cancelations and Refunds

Unless otherwise stated, reservations booked on Bestatfare.com are non-refundable. Call our customer service line if you want to cancel the reservations, and we will be pleased to assist you. If you cancel a reservation that is refundable, the airline or other travel service providers may also impose additional fees in addition to the administrative cancellation cost that was stated in your confirmation at the time of booking. If the cancellation request is made within four hours of the booking, you may be eligible for a full refund, per airline policy. In this situation, the money will be credited to the method of payment you used initially. To cancel and receive a refund from several US airlines, you must purchase your tickets at least one week before to the scheduled departure date. Your refund request will be handled in accordance with the policies and procedures of the airline. After the airline authorises the refund request, we’ll start processing your reimbursement. We will return it to your original payment method once it has been approved. After you submit your cancellation request, we start the procedure by sending you an email confirmation to let you know that it is being processed. We subtract the service charge assessed to the booking before transferring the remaining funds to start the transaction. Being a travel agency, we rely on the vendors to handle the refund. It may take some time for the refund to appear on your credit card after we process it after receiving the money from the supplier. From the day we received the cancellation request to the end of the process, it can take 60 to 90 days.
Important Note: The service fee is added to the taxes, and YOU HAVE TO PAY THE FINAL PRICE AS QUOTED REGARDLESS OF ANY CHANGES MADE IN OUR SERVICE FEE. You must review the final booking amount carefully and then confirm the final bookings. We will not be held responsible for your inability to do so.

Contact Centre Booking Service Fee

When you book through the Bestatfare.com contact centre which may be a complex multi/stop and roundtrip booking, a service fee higher than our online booking fee is applicable. The service fee ranges from $10 to $200 per passenger by our agents.

Important Note: Service fee is included in the taxes, and YOU HAVE TO PAY THE FINAL PRICE AS QUOTED REGARDLESS OF ANY CHANGES MADE IN OUR SERVICE FEE. Please review the final booking amount carefully before confirming the final bookings.

Credit Card Chargeback

The travel fees assessed can be contested with your credit card provider. We kindly ask that you contact Bestatfare.com first with any questions you may have before disputing the charge with your credit card company. You can contact your credit card company after receiving our resolution and if we reverse the disputed charges. Bestatfare.com has the right to cancel your reservations as compensation if the disputed chargeback request was submitted improperly.
You acknowledge and understand that our cancellation policy is in effect when selecting us as your service providers. The cancellation policy does not apply to our special promotions, discounts, coupon codes, etc. that were used to make the reservation. If a charge is made incorrectly, a chargeback may be appropriate. Our staff has the right to investigate the claims and get reimbursed for false claims that were made. We can use our call recordings, including the service call we made, to verify the claims submitted and refute them.


We negotiate rates with independent vendors for vacation packages that include lodging and flights. For the purpose of offering, you travel-related services, we are not the travel supplier’s agent. If you have a problem with the travel service, you should take it up directly with the relevant Travel Supplier rather than with us.Bestatfare.com strongly advises that you buy a travel insurance policy. It covers some cancellation and change expenses. Pay-outs for travel insurance are subject to the policy’s exclusions.


The supplier provides us with details about the amenities and services offered by the hotels listed on Bestatfare.com. We are not liable for any changes that arise because of outdated or inaccurate information our supplier gave us. Special requests, such a smoking or non-smoking room or one with a lake, garden, or other view, are not always honoured. They are considered as requests and are given priority based on availability. Although most hotels comply with these requests, Bestatfare.com cannot ensure it.

Various membership programmes, such as Corporate, Government, AAA, or ARP, are used to quote some tariffs. Offers made under these rates will necessitate the presence of the designated programme participants at check-in and proof of eligibility. If you are ineligible for the discounts or do not have the required identification, hotels are not required to honour the special rates or offers. If the accommodation is unoccupied or for the nights that you did not utilise because of an early check-out, Bestatfare.com or the hotel provider will not give a refund. Only a few hotels provide an airport shuttle service. If you’re interested in using it, get in touch with the hotel directly and inquire about the cost. For complimentary amenities like tours, breakfast, and more, some hotels offer a Booking Bonus. They are covered by the hotel’s policies, so you can inquire with them about using their services.

Hotel Confirmation:

The time it takes to process your booking request and issue a hotel voucher is up to 24-48 hours. After you finish your booking on Bestatfare.com, the booking is made. Our reservation specialists start the hotel reservation procedure once they receive the confirmation email. After obtaining the hotel vouchers, they distribute them. Our booking confirmation email contains all the information regarding your hotel reservation, including the booking reference number, your itinerary, and any additional services you have reserved with us. Contact us at support@bestatfare.com if you do not receive the confirmation email from us. We strongly advise calling the hotel to confirm your reservations 24 hours before the designated check-in time. Before 72 hours of check-in, we do not give the hotel your information. Once you receive our final confirmation and the booking voucher, your reservation is secured and guaranteed. It is advised that you phone the hotel check-in desk 48 hours in advance to confirm the information.

Intellectual Property

Bestatfare.com is the owner or licensee of our software, as well as the website’s design, graphics, layout, and published content. We are allowing you to see or read the content using a browser as a visitor to the website. It is expressly forbidden to utilise any of these components in any other way, including by copying, selling, distributing, reposting, altering, or reusing.

You will be in violation of the Agreement and will not be permitted to use our website if you attempt to engage in any of the aforementioned actions. Only we have the authority to utilise our intellectual property under licence or with permission.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is something we value and are required to preserve. Your use of our website is covered by our privacy policy, which contains all the details about how we gather and handle your information. View all the information in our Privacy Policy.


You may use this website “as is” and “when available” without incurring any additional fees. However, we disclaim all liability for misrepresentations, inaccurate data, results, or data correctness. We are unable to guarantee that our information is entirely accurate. Through our website, the airline, tour guides, or other vendors offer you services. They are independent contractors and do not work for us or any of our staff members. Bestatfare.com is not responsible for the supplier’s carelessness, misrepresentations, acts, errors, or omissions. If you experience a delay, cancellation, force majeure, or any other action beyond our control, we shall not be obligated to provide reimbursements. Our suppliers are liable to pay the damages of damaged equipment while browsing or downloading any material from Bestatfare.com. We or our suppliers have no responsibility for any injuries, losses, claims, damages, or any special, punitive, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages caused to you.

Our suppliers are not liable to pay an amount exceeding the total charges paid by you to make the booking. You have six months from the date of booking to make a claim over the usage of our website or services. As an online travel agency, we advertise, market, and take reservations for our suppliers. They consist of travel agencies, airlines, and other services. Only damages that are legally acceptable to the fullest degree are our employees’ responsibility.

You are not permitted to use language in your Submissions that conflicts with our moral rights. You grant Bestatfare.com permission to publish, use, edit, and delete any Submissions that you provide. We are not liable for the Submissions made by you. We are not under an obligation to post your comments and can determine what to publish. If you don’t agree with these Terms, please do not make any Submissions on our Website.

You are accountable for all of the information you post on Bestatfare, including your reviews. The following types of content are prohibited from being posted on the Website by us:

I Any content that infringes someone’s privacy rights or the law, or that is illegitimate, threatening, defamatory, obscene, or pornographic.

(ii) that would violate or infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, patents, or property rights of us or a third party.

You shall be held liable for any losses we incur due to your breach of the aforementioned limits or your postings’ negative effects on us. We will only take into consideration your most recent review if you submit numerous reviews for the same service. We adhere to the “Claims of Copyright Infringement” policy.

Notification of Violating Material

Please notify us in writing at care@bestatfare.com if any written or published material on our website violates your copyright. It includes all the data described above and is governed by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). We are not obligated to fulfil your request if you are unable to supply us with the necessary information for booking. Before bringing any legal action against us, you ought to think about consulting an attorney. If it turns out that your assertion was false, you can be charged with breaking the law.

When you report a copyright infringement, please provide the information listed below:

• The signature of the person who has granted you the right to represent yourself as the owner of the copyrighted work.
• A record containing information on a claim’s copyrighted work.
• Contact information, such as your email address and home phone number
• A declaration stating that you are making the claim in good faith. Bestatfare.com reserves the right to immediately remove any content that is claimed to violate IPRs and/or to suspend or delete the accounts of users who violate IPRs.

It is only for your convenience that our website may contain links that take you to other websites on the Internet. We provide choices for you to investigate various travel-related services, including reviews, flight and hotel booking, insurance, and more. The presence of links does not imply our endorsement of the linked website or the goods and services it offers. The information posted on our website is not our responsibility. You can opt to view the URL and determine whether it is free of Trojan horses, worms, or other components that can harm your computer. We disclaim all liability for any loss you could have as a result of visiting the linked website.


Bestatfare.com has the right to terminate/modify this Agreement at any time without giving you any prior notice. We also reserve the right to terminate your access to Bestatfare.com, without giving any prior notice.

Our Relationship

You hereby verify that there is no relationship between you and us. We are just a travel agency, and together we do not have any franchise, partnership, or joint venture. You agree that in no way, a relationship is feasible between us under these Terms and Conditions.


Our email IDs mentioned on our contact page are for legal purposes. If you have any complaints or feedback about Bestatfare.com and our services, please submit them to info@bestatfare.com and care@bestatfare.com. Our travel experts will assist you with your concerns. When a complaint or feedback is submitted, you may experience a delay in receiving a response as we re-route it through the right source.