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Southwest Airlines is a well-known inexpensive US airline based in Dallas, Texas. The carrier operates to 100 locations, both local and overseas.

The three key class of seating available by Southwest Airlines are: “Wanna Get Away,” “Anytime,” and “Business Select,” with the aim of creation it easier for the consumers to prefer the air travel they wish for.

Wanna Get Away – Includes all non-refundable tickets that contain all travel bundles which are not business-select or full-price “Y” reimbursable reservations.

Anytime – It’s Southwest’s absolutely refundable “Y” fare. This booking will allow you to change your ticket at any time without charge. Standby travel among the same city pairs and the exact date of flight is permitted, and these fares are stable for many days, so there is usually little to no difference in the price of changes.

Business Select – It comes with a variety of benefits including: assured A1-A15 boarding, Travel By lane entry, free premium drink, 12 Fast Incentives per dollar spent, fully refundable fare and standby.

Baggage Policy
Carry-On Baggage: The dimensions for carry-on baggage as set out in the Southwest Airlines Regulations are 24L x 16W x 10H. There are no minimum weight restrictions for carry-on baggage.

Check-On Baggage: You may hold 2 standard bags on the Southwest train. However, each bag should fit into the specified dimensions , i.e. 62 in or 157 cm (length + width + height) with a weight limit of 23 kg.

In order to escape any insurance fee, you must ensure that the weight of the baggage does not meet the weight limit.

No-Cost Cancellation
Yeah, well, that’s true. Southwest Airlines will not charge any cancellation fee for its plane. Now, what else would you like in tough times when you’re always worrying about the hard earned cash you often used make your reservation?

Check-In Information
Online check-in: web-based check-in is available to booking travellers; valid on all flights. You can also check-in easily by visiting the online check-in page and submitting your ID number alongside with your first and last name. Virtual check-in is activated 24hrs prior to the planned departure day.

Airport Check-in: This can be done by accessing the check-in desk at the airport hours before the flight. Check-in occurs at the airport three hours before the actual departure time and normally ends thirty minutes to one hour before the final scheduled departure time.

To create your easiness and efficiency, you can make your airline reservation at southwest.com or call us at +1-888-271-1477. to make a reservation at the Southwest ticket counter at the airport.

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